Bushra Rahman, a distinguished thinker and intellectual, a popular novelist, a heart touching story writer, a prominent columnist, a peerless eloquent speaker, a parliamentarian, a social worker, a business woman,BUSHRA RAHMAN is a versatile genius. Her talent, the nature’s priceless gift, has given her personality many dimensions. The Punjab Assembly, in recognition of her services, her wonderful mastery over expression and unique poetic eloquence, unanimously passed a resolution on June 20, 1990 conferring on her the Title of “Master of Expression”, “Sweet Tongued” and “Nightingale of Pakistan”.

The former Punjab assembly recognized her services by giving her a Gold Medal, awarded by former Prime Minister, Muhammad Khan Junejo, in 1988.

Her eloquence has brought her many titles – such as:

  • Queen of Oratory
  • The Sweet Tongued
  • The Bewitching Speaker

Bushra Rahman is thoroughly original in her writings and speeches. Deep observation of life, originality, wit, humor, and unique literary expressions are the Hall Marks of her writings. She has more than 40 books to her credit. These include her:

  • Novels
  • Novelette
  • Travelogues
  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Dramas
  • Columns
  • Extempore Speeches
  • Saraiki Poetry
  • Punjabi Poetry
  • Fun or Shaksiyat

Several of her books have been translated in other languages and reproduced in series again and again in Pakistan and India by literary Magazines & Nwspapers. Her novels i.e. Chaara Gar, Lagan, Piyasi, Khoobsorat and Lazawaal have been reproduced several times in series by the leading magazines of the sub-continent.

Many of her Novels and short stories have been serialized by different Tv Channels which includes PTV, Hum TV.

Bushra Rahman is the first regular and popular female columnist in Urdu Journalism in the country. Her famous column “Chadaar, Chaar Dewari or Chandni” , has been regularly published by leading newspaper of the country i.e. Jhang and Nawa-i-Waqt. Her journalistic writings are a unique blend of objectivity, literary expressions and touch of humor.

Though her genius is manifest in her creative writings, prose and poetry, in her columns and debates in the Assembly, she stands out for unique and singular eloquence.

The critics say: She writes literature, she speaks literature”.

In fact she is one of the few thinkers who translate truth and the realities of our situation.