About The Book

Parsa, or Paari, is a Muslim girl whose family is good friends with next-door neighbors and old friends, Tina and Joseph and their son David, who are all devout Christians. Paari and David are good friends, and are often shown to be hanging out with each other. Paari’s parents are adamant about her getting engaged to her cousin, Salman, who is quiet and shy, the complete opposite of loud and rambunctious Parsa. Paari doesn’t have any interest in Salman, but accepts him as the choice of her parents, and realizes that he needs her after his mother’s death. But things start to unravel when Parsa and David begin to fall in love. David confesses his love for her, and Parsa realizes that she too has feelings for him. Parsa at first refuses his proposal to her, using religion as an excuse, but David agrees to convert to Islam for her, and soon Parsa and the newly Muslim “Dawood” are married. Here begins the ultimate story, as Parsa and David struggle to gain forgiveness from their parents, and attempt to make a life for themselves despite their different religious backgrounds.