Political Career

Punjab Assembly

  1. Divisional Council, Bahawalpur                                   (1960-1966)
  2. Provincial Council of Punjab                                        (1983-1985)
  3. Provincial Assembly of Punjab                                   (1983-1988)
  4. Provincial Assembly of Punjab                                   (1988-1990)

Former Memberships

Educational (1985-1994)

  1. University of Punjab (Senate)
  2. Educational Advisory Board Punjab
  3. Islamia University Bahawalpur (Syndicate)
  4. University of Engineering and Technology (Syndicate)
  5. Education Foundation Punjab

Cultural (1985-1994)

  1. National Film Censor Board
  2. Board of Governors Lahore Museum
  3. Board of Governors Bahawalpur Museum
  4. Board of Governors Alhamra Arts Council
  5. Script Committee Alhamra Arts Council

Civics (1985-1994)

  1. Price Control Committee Punjab
  2. Crimes Control Committee Punjab
  3. Anti-Corruption Committee Punjab
  4. Anti-Narcotics Committee Punjab

National Assembly

  1. National Assembly of Pakistan                                   (2002-2008)
  2. National Assembly of Pakistan                                   (2008-Tol Date)

Member of Standing Committee

Duration (2002-2008)

  1. Chairperson of  Standing Committee on Social Welfare, Special Education and Bait-ul-Maal
  2. National Assembly Standing Committee on Cabinet                        
  3. National Assembly Standing Committee On Parliamentary Affairs
  4. Standing Committee of Information and Broadcasting

Duration (2008- To Date)

  1. Standing Committee of Information and Broadcasting
  2. Standing Committee of Pakistan Postal Services
  3. Standing Committee of Tourism
  4. Standing Committee of Capital Development Authority Islamabad
  5. Member Finance Committee of National Assembly.

 Other Offices

  1. Deputy Speaker Humdard Shura Think-Tank
  2. Chief Patron Masood Khadar Posh Trust